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Family Demands Neighbor Buy Their House After he Molested Daughter

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A family in Pennsylvania is suing their neighbors, demanding they purchase their home for $235,000 and cover moving costs after one of the neighbors molested their daughter and made the house impossible to sell.

Oliver Larry Beck, 65, his wife and his mother are named in the lawsuit. The neighbors said the existence of Beck in the neighborhood has made their home difficult to sell.

Beck was arrested in 2011 after he was found guilty of molesting his neighbor’s daughter. He was in jail for 23 months for sexually abusing her between 2009 and 2011.

Investigators said Beck lured the child into his basement and sexually assaulted her. After the girl’s father found out, he called police.

It is the first lawsuit of its kind in the state, and many are wondering if it will hold up in court.

Beck’s wife and mother are also accused of negligence in the document after the family claimed they should have known about Beck’s attraction to children.

The neighbors say they are stressed now that Beck is out of jail and want him to buy the house and pay for their moving costs, along with providing compensation for damages and suffering as the daughter had to receive recuperative therapy from the abuse.

Some experts have said that if the home lost value because of Beck, the neighbors might be entitled to recover part of the loss of it without transferring ownership. But other experts said the court won’t be able to award a forced purchase, as it might clash with the Eighth Amendment.

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