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Family Of Dead Suspect Justin Harger Accuse Police Of Premeditated Murder (VIDEO)

The family of a California man who was shot and killed by police last week says that his murder was premeditated.

Police are saying that 32-year-old Justin Harger shot at them first but his family says that is not the case.

Harger's wife, Brandie, said officers approached her prior to the incident. "They were telling me, 'You should turn him in, he should come in, because if we find him, we're gonna kill him,” Brandie said. "'If we find him, were gonna shoot him.'"

Justin’s mother, Shelia Somers, said that officers approached her as well. "They said they we’re gonna shoot him, and I said, ‘Don't hurt my boy, he's all I have.' And, they said, ‘Well, you’d better tell him.”

Harger, who had an extensive criminal history, was on the run from police because he was wanted on a suspected assault charge, Bakersfield Now reported.

Police department officials denied that officers contacted Harger's mother and wife.

"No such statements were made in this instance," said spokeswoman Michaela Sims. “Bakersfield police officers did make contact with Justin Harger's family within the past few weeks, and no such comments were made."

Somers isn’t buying it.

"There were no cameras there, no surveillance, it just so happened their cameras didn't work,” Somers said. “It just so happened there was no other witnesses. There are just too many things. He always looked out for everybody… The first thing I thought of was I can't believe they carried it out. I can't believe the cops did it.”

She added:

"When we tell somebody, 'We're going to shoot somebody,' and we do, it's premeditated murder. When they say they're gonna shoot somebody and they do, it’s because they have to, its OK, that's not right."

A video about the story is below:

Sources: Bakersfield NowTurnto23


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