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'Don't Be Rude About It': Family Says Restaurant Turned Them Away Because Of Son's Wheelchair (Video)

Meers Store and Restaurant and the Ford family of Tuttle, Oklahoma, disagree about what happened when the family’s 16-year-old son, Kaleb, who is disabled, tried to enter the home of “Oklahoma’s Best Burgers” with his wheelchair (video below).

After exploring Mount Scott, the family paid a visit to Meers, but the family claims they were turned away by the restaurant. Kelly Ford, Kaleb’s father, told KFOR that the wheelchair ramp was blocked, so he went inside to ask an employee about which entrance they could use.

"She said I would have to ask all these people to move, so we really don't have a wheelchair entrance," Ford said. "So I said you have no way to get a wheelchair in here, she said no."

Kelly added: "You have a ramp, you have someone that wants to patronize your establishment, you don't deny them and you definitely don't be rude about it.”

Joe Maranto, the owner of Meers, said his staff didn’t deny the family service and that there was simply a misunderstanding.

"I'm sorry that the incident happened," he said, adding that his staff serves disabled patrons frequently. "I would do whatever I could to correct the situation."

The Ford family said they don’t want to hurt the restaurant, which was featured on Food Network according to its website, but Kaleb is still angry about the incident.

"It talks about a family atmosphere, but if it's going to be a family atmosphere, open it up to all families, not just able bodied people," Kelly added.

Sources: KFOR, Meers Store and Restaurant Screenshot via Meers Store and Restaurant,


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