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Family Of Chino School Shooting Victim Receives $5,000 Settlement

The family of one of the students wounded when a child fired a police rifle at Newman Elementary School in Chino, Calif., has settled a lawsuit against the city.

According to Daily Bulletin, the AR-15 assault rifle was locked to a police motorcycle during a Red Ribbon Week assembly at the school on Oct. 23. At 11:14 a.m., a child was able to pull the trigger of the rifle that was mounted on the side of the vehicle, police said.

Two of the victims were allegedly hurt by metal debris that came from the bullet disintegrating as it struck a metal plate where the barrel rests against the weapon’s mount. A third also received minor injuries, and was examined at the school and released to parents.

“The city has been in contact with the three families involved regarding settlement options since shortly after the incident occurred,” said Michelle Van Der Linden, city spokeswoman on Thursday.

“The settlement was obtained with the parent of the student who had reported ringing in his ears as a result of the accidental discharge.”

The family of the student who suffered ringing in his ears has accepted a $5,000 settlement on Oct. 24 outside of court, KABC-TV Los Angeles reported. Attorneys were hired by the other two families, she said.

“The city is prepared to receive and respond to any litigation relating to this matter or any other,” Van Der Linden said.

A day after the incident, which happened during recess at the Chino Valley Unified elementary school, an investigation revealed police did not properly follow policy before the event.

According to the Chino Police Department patrol rifles policy, the chamber of a weapon like an AR-15 must be empty when it is mounted.

The name of the police officer involved has not been released.


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