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Family Calls Police To Report Stabbing, Cops Arrest Family (Video)

Police responded to a call last Friday night of a stabbing in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.

Charles Wesson was reportedly stabbed nine times by an unknown assailant.

A cell phone video (below) posted to YouTube shows Wesson's girlfriend Presly Diaz being arrested by police while Wesson bleeds on a curb and, later, lays down on the pavement.

While the person filming the scene yells for the police to help Wesson, none of the officers render any first aid on video, but rather tell him that an ambulance is on the way.

Fred Wesson, who is the victim's father, wrote in a statement to The Free Thought Project: "Instead of being helped or making sure nothing else happens to him, [Charles] was thrown on the hood of a white car as if he was the suspect. You can see his blood on the white car on the video."

"I asked [police] why they weren't holding people for interview, the detective told me 'oh we did, they didn't know anything so we let them go,' and that was bull," added Fred.

Diaz, who was charged with battery on a police officer, told The Free Thought Project that she was falsely accused by the cops and was injured by police.

Wesson's 14-year-old brother was also arrested for assaulting a police officer, but his grandfather told The Free Thought Project that the boy believed the cops were hurting his injured brother.

Wesson is still hospitalized, but is expected to make a recovery.


Sources: YouTube, The Free Thought Project
Image Credit: YouTube


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