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Family Buys Back Lost Dog From Craigslist Seller (Video)

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A Texas family got the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered their lost dog was being sold on Craigslist (video below).

The incident began in December 2014 when the Lowe family’s 11-year-old terrier Sushi went missing from their Harris County home, ABC reported.

They initially thought Sushi escaped through a hole in their backyard fence. The family’s suspicions were raised when they received a phone call inquiring as to whether or not they were missing a dog. When they called the number back, however, the person on the other line denied knowing anything about the dog.

A few weeks later, the family discovered a dog that looked identical to Sushi on a Craigslist posting. When the family attempted to confront the person who was selling the dog though, they failed.

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A few days ago, another Craigslist advertisement was posted selling the same dog. Kara Lowe decided to take matters into her own hands and she set up a meeting with the seller.

On Friday, they met in a Sam’s Club parking lot along with Kara’s friend who is an animal rescuer.

"I didn't think it was her," Kara told ABC. "Her coat was a different color. She'd been dyed.”

Kara purchased the dog for $50 despite her misgivings. The dog didn't seem to recognize her.

"$250 dollars, and for me, it was priceless," she said. "I figured even if it wasn't Sushi, it was somebody's dog that we could save and try to return."

The animal rescuer brought along a microchip reader and identified the dog as Sushi.

The family’s experience is an example of what some have termed as “dog flipping,” which involves thieves stealing family pets and selling them through online markets such as Craigslist.

She now hopes the family and Sushi’s experience will serve as an example to other pet owners to microchip their pets.

Source: Inquisitr, ABC

Photo Credit: ABC Screenshot


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