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'He Was Speechless': Local Businesses Pitch In To Give New Car To Family Of Boy Forced To Sit Behind Cardboard

Last week, we broke a story about a 6-year-old Oregon boy who was forced to sit behind a cardboard barrier during lunch at school because he was one minute late that morning. Since the story’s gone viral, local businesses have now gifted his family a new refurbished minivan to help them get to school on time.

The grandmother of Hunter Cmelo was outraged when she discovered her young grandson was being isolated during lunch because he was one minute late to school, and she posted pictures of the incident to Facebook. Overnight, the photos were shared over 30,000 times. Quickly, the story went viral, garnering over 135,000 shares, and even though the school district didn’t respond to our request for comment at first, they eventually released a statement saying that an "appropriate resolution" was reached with Hunter’s parents.

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After learning about the story, local businesses decided to chip in to give the young boy’s family a new minivan. The boy’s parents Nicole and Mark claimed that Hunter was late for school because their car was unreliable. To help solve the problem, the owner of Kelly Automotive and Bill Meyer of radio station AM 1440 coordinated this amazing surprise.

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“When I handed dad Mark the key to the minivan, he was speechless and extremely grateful,” Lisa McClease Kelly said.

The young boy's parents had taken their vehicle in to be repaired, but when it was unfixable, local businesses pooled together to get the family a Chrysler minivan.

“The is an amazing community,” McClease Kelly said.

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Since the incident went viral last week and sparked outrage among people all over the world, the school says they are changing their tardiness policy.

Sources: Daily Mail, Oregon Live / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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