Family Arrested for 80 Dead Animals in Home (Video)

In what sounds like an episode of the reality TV show "Hoarders," three women in Laurens County, South Carolina were recently arrested after authorities discovered 80 dead animals in their home (video below).

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office said there were human and animal feces in the house, as well as the dead bodies of 30 dogs, 30 cats, dozens of birds, turtles, ducks, deer and parakeets.

Rebecca Keith and her adult daughters Amanda Keith (pictured) and Sarah Keith were being evicted when the grisly discovery was made. They are charged with ill treatment of animals and failure to bury animals properly, which the women deny.

“We came in to clean up the kitchen, there was a dead bird in the kitchen, it was half rotten,” landlord Jason English told WYFF-TV. “We opened up the freezer. Inside the freezer, unwrapped, unprotected, laying next to their own food, were ducks, baby deer, hatchlings, just came out of the egg. And they had like cups with dozens of baby chickens in it. Inside the rooms, they had ferrets.”

“You know, I’m guilty of some of it, but as far as the ill treatment and everything, I was feeding and everything,” said Amanda Keith, “Some of them was just, you know, every time we moved, we thought we’d stay and we could bury them. And every time, you know, certain ones we thought we could cremate. And it’s just like, one thing led to another and we never could.”

"We [were] never told it was illegal, even the vet told us we could," Amanda Keith told Fox Carolina. Where they got 80 I don't know. They're trumped up charges! It has been put here, that was not here."”

All three women were released on bond and their 55 live pets were confiscated.

Sources: WYFF-TV and Fox Carolina


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