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Families In Texas Are Devastated After 40 Dogs Mysteriously Disappear

Pet owners in northern Texas are terrified after more than 40 dogs have mysteriously disappeared.

Police are trying to figure out how 40 dogs could have vanished from their homes in the past two months with no physical evidence that proves the dogs were taken.

“I’m horrified,” Robin Lewis told NBC 5 after losing her black Labrador, Jack. “It’s been really difficult trying to explain Jack’s gone, and are we ever going to see him again?

“They’re heartbroken,” Lewis said of her family. “I’m heartbroken. My husband’s heartbroken.”

Jack is just one of many dogs who have gone missing in Wise County over the past few months. Residents believe it is not a coincidence as Decatur Mayor Martin Woodruff lost his daughter’s great Dane and pit bull on the same day Jack disappeared.

“I think it’s very suspicious that three very large, friendly dogs disappear in the same neighborhood at the exact same time,” Lewis added.

The Wise County sheriff confirmed that 40 dogs have been reported missing since November but said investigators have no leads.

“It’s really disheartening to think that there are people out there that would do this,” Woodruff said. “It begs the question of where are these dogs going? And who’s taking them? And what are they doing with them?”

The Wise County sheriff is asking people to be on the lookout for anything that looks unusual as it continues its investigation.

Source: NBC 5 / Photo Credit: Screenshot from NBC 5


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