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Families of Epilepsy Patients Fail To Get Modesto, Calif., City Leaders To Go For Medical Marijuana Plan

A group of citizens, including parents of children with epilepsy, met with city leaders in Modesto, Calif., with the hope of bringing a facility to the town would provide safe access to medicine derived from marijuana, but they were unsuccessful.

It’s become more difficult for local residents to get access to the specific type of medical marijuana that they need. The medicine is called Cannabidiol or CBD, according to News10/KXTV.

One of the parents who spoke was Jason David. His 7-year-old son Jayden has a rare form of epilepsy, and Jason noted that the medical marijuana has changed his son’s life, but that it’s difficult to find.

“CBD is going to be labeled as one of the greatest findings of mankind,” Jason said at the meeting. “It’s going to change the medical industry, and now we have a chance here in Modesto to be in the forefront of something huge.”

The Davids were in the news recently when the school that had been giving Jayden his medical marijuana for more than a year had to stop after the California Department of Education said the act was illegal under federal law. Jason David now has to go to his son’s school every day to give him the medication 1,000 feet from campus.

At least one council member was in favor of the idea of bringing a facility to the town, but The Modesto Bee reported that Police Chief Galen Carroll said that it is not feasible for a city government to be responsible for the regulation of a medical marijuana lab and that current laws do not differentiate between different strains of marijuana.

In the end, two of the three committee members said they couldn’t support a CBD lab in Modesto. Councilman John Gunderson made a motion to draft letters asking for support from county and state elected officials, but it failed without a second.

Supporters vowed to seek public support, hoping to change the minds of elected officials.

Sources: News10/KXTV, The Modesto Bee


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