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False Arrest Paralyzes Man - Police Brutality or Tragic Mistake?

Christoper Harris has been in an irreversible coma ever since a witness wrongly identified him as a suspect in a robbery, leading Seattle-area police on a violent chase that ended with Harris paralyzed.

Shortly after a robbery at a convenience store in May, 2009, Kings County Sheriffs Deputy Matthew Paul ordered Harris, who had been shopping at the store, to stop based on an erroneous tip from a witness. After Harris began to run Dep. Paul body checked him into a wall, fracturing Harris' skull and damaging his spine.

Based largely on a video tape of the incident, Harris' family has sued the Kings County Sheriffs Office, saying the officer's actions were brutal and unnecessary. For their part, police officials insist that Dep. Paul did nothing wrong and followed police protocol, calling Harris' injuries a "tragic accident." The case is being heard now and a ruling is expected shortly.

You be the judge: Was this a case of police brutality, or a tragic accident?


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