Fake Soldier In Nebraska Called Out For Stolen Valor While Begging For Money (Video)


A man in Nebraska was called out for his apparently stolen valor while in a gas station soliciting money from customers.

The cameraman (video below), a truck driver who is currently serving in the reserves, spotted the man outside of a Flying J truck stop in Gretna, Nebraska begging for money, reports The Grand Report. He confronted him after he went inside.

“Here’s this piece of s***, walking around saying he’s in the army,” the cameraman said. The man explained his lack of a nametag on his uniform by claiming he’d just gotten home.

“Who’s your commander?” the cameraman asked, demanding answers from the fake soldier. “You’re a freaking piece of work.”

The man was reportedly given money for a cab by a store employee, who thanked him for serving his country.

“He’s not serving!” the cameraman shouted. “Piece of s***. You’re not serving. You’re taking money from people for no reason. You’re lucky I’m serving right now, or I’d stomp a mudhole in your ***.”

Watch the intense confrontation below.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: YouTube, The Grand Report

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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