'Fake Snow' That 'Won't Melt' is New Anti-Government Conspiracy Theory (Video)

The heavy winter storms in the US have prompted some people to deny global warming and others to come up with a new anti-government conspiracy: "fake snow" that will not melt via a lighter.

Several folks have posted videos online claiming their snow doesn't melt and there is a weird "chemical smell."

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this conspiracy is especially popular in Georgia, which is experiencing unusual amounts of snow due to the polar vortex (video below).

Conspiracy theorists are writing on YouTube with their videos:

You're being distracted from all fronts, you're preoccupied. They're up here signing bills, the government, to pretty much take away more of your rights and freedoms.

The blog Resistance Journals suggests this snow is actually "geo-engineering" and the US government is manipulating weather to use as a weapon against its own people.

However, this conspiracy was easily debunked by a news reporter on WTVR, who demonstrated that when a flame is held next to snow, the snow doesn't melt, but rather turns into vapor in a process called "sublimination." The "scary" chemical smell is from the butane of the lighter (video below).

Sources: WTVR, Resistance Journals, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, YouTube


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