Fake Shooting of Teacher Scares the Hell Out of Students


It was supposed to be a lesson to show students how to investigate and collect evidence of a crime. It turned out to be a lesson on how not to teach a lesson.

Teachers at the Blackminster Middle School in England got the bright idea that a shooting would be the best way to teach their students the lesson. So they set off a fire drill alarm, which sent students into the playground. While they were milling about, a man carrying a gun appeared in the distance. He then "shot" a teacher, as others quickly ran to his aid.

The students, ages 10-13 were terrified, thinking their teacher was gunned down before their eyes. But of course, he was fine.

"It was 10 minutes later that they told the children that it wasn't real, and that it was all a joke," another parent told the London newspaper the Telegraph. "I think it's absolutely disgusting."

Students went on Facebook to vent their anger:

"I thought he really was dead," one student wrote.

"I don't ever want to go back there. NEVER," posted another.

The head teacher of the school, Terry Holland, apologized for the incident. "It was all part of a role-play crime, but unfortunately some of the youngsters didn't get the information quickly enough that it wasn't real," he told the Evesham Journal.

But Holland also had the nerve to downplay the impact on students. "There was a small number of children – maybe half a dozen – who were quite upset, and all the staff were immediately supportive and explaining to them there was nothing to be upset about," the Worcester News reports he said.

"This was a violent crime, and that's something, on reflection, that was a step too far," he added.

You think?


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