Fake Cop Tyree Appleberry Picks Wrong Target: Real Cop

If you're going to pretend to be a police officer, you really should be careful about whom you target.

A New Mexico man is under arrest because the man he apparently attempted to con was a very real police officer.

The Associated Press reports that a fellow named Tyree Appleberry pulled over a car in Albuquerque last week. He even had a police strobe light on his truck. However, when Appleberry's "suspect" revealed that he was in fact an undercover officer, Appleberry reportedly tried to run off.

He was charged with impersonating a police officer and taken into custody on an outstanding warrant of failing to appear in court on a reckless driving charge.

Yes, Appleberry did this with an outstanding arrest warrant.

But Appleberry, 42, said this is all a mistake; he was not trying to impersonate an officer. It seems Appleberry moonlights as a security guard and he said he was just wondering why the cop was in a parking lot next to an auto auction yard where his friend works.


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