Fake Cop Pulls Man Over, Quickly Sees His Mistake


A Miami, Florida, man was arrested and charged after allegedly impersonating a police officer and pulling someone over, only to discover that the person he pulled over was an actual, real officer.

Marcos Pacheco-Bustamante was approached by WSVN leaving the correctional center where he was held after the incident, and refused to acknowledge his actions.

"I’m not going to say anything. Enough. Leave me alone, please," he said in Spanish while being escorted from the center. "I didn’t stop anybody. Enough."

An affidavit stated that Officer Alton Martin of the Miami-Dade Police Department was on duty and wearing his uniform while traveling in an unmarked vehicle.

Around 7:20 a.m. on the morning of the incident, Martin was stopped by a green Ford Crown Victoria that was flashing police lights at him and blaring a siren. 

"One of the Miami-Dade Police detectives working the overnight, an off-duty, in full uniform, he was driving his unmarked vehicle heading northbound on I-95 when all of a sudden a green Crown Victoria gets behind him," detective Jennifer Capote said. 

Martin pulled to the shoulder and then quickly realized that the person who stopped him was an impersonator. 

"He gets out of his vehicle while he’s in full uniform," Capote said. "So now he approaches the Crown Victoria and realizes this guy -- there’s something wrong. He doesn’t look like a cop, so he immediately takes this gentlemen into custody."

Police arrived after Martin called the authorities, and found a BB gun that resembled a real one, as well as police lights.

"This gun looks very real," Capote said. "I mean, clearly could be mistaken for a real gun.

After his arrest, Bustamante admitted to putting on the lights and sirens and pursuing the officer. 

"Definitely makes notification to the detectives that, yes, he’s done this in the past, that he doesn’t like it when people are texting, that he he doesn’t like when people are speeding," Capote said. "But we don’t know and we want to know from victims, is what happens when he attempts to make a stop."

New York Post reported that Bustamante also admitted to impersonating police prior to the incident that got him arrested.

Bustamante was ultimately booked into jail and charged with impersonating a police officer. The car he was driving at the time was similar to police vehicles. Authorities subsequently called on local residents who had been pulled over by Bustamante on one of his fake traffic stops to come forward. 

Sources: WSVN, New York Post / Photo credit: Pixbay

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