Fair Game Or Foul Play: Chef Punishes Daughter With Extremely Hot Pepper


Child discipline has always been a heavily debated topic – you’ll find almost as many opinions on proper child punishment as you’ll find parents themselves. U.K. celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver seems to have found a punishment that most people disagree with, though.

Oliver opened up recently about the difficulty of finding agreed upon, appropriate punishments in the 21st century. He said he is afraid to spank his kids due to possible public criticism. When his daughter acted up recently, he administered a particularly spicy form of punishment. We’ll let him tell you the details, but the punishment involved a Scotch Bonnet pepper. The Scotch Bonnet, for the record, is 14 times hotter than a jalapeno.

Here’s how it went down:

I give them chillies for punishment. It is not very popular beating kids anymore, it’s not very fashionable and you are not allowed to do it and if you are a celebrity chef like me it does not look very good in the paper.

So you need a few options. Poppy was quite disrespectful and rude to me and she pushed her luck. In my day I would have got a bit of a telling-off but you are not allowed to do that.

Five minutes later she thought I had forgotten and I hadn’t. She asked for an apple. I cut it up into several pieces and rubbed it with Scotch Bonnet and it worked a treat.

Within minutes, Oliver’s daughter was crying for her mother.

"She ran up to mum and said, 'This is peppery,'" Oliver explained. "I was in the corner laughing."

It’s safe to say Oliver intended for this story to be taken in good humor, but we’ll bite nevertheless and ask: Was the punishment appropriate?

Sources: Mirror, The Stir / Photo Credit: AP


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