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Failed Philadelphia Knockout Attacker Caught on Tape, Cops Question Suspect (Video)

Philadelphia police interviewed a person of interest last week in two suspected “knockout game” assaults that occurred at two different stations on Nov. 15 and Nov. 20.

The so-called “knockout game” occurs when a person is randomly assaulted while another person films it on their phone or other device. The recurring trend among teens has claimed innocent lives around the country.

But in both of these instances, the suspect failed to knockout both victims and now SEPTA police are hot on his trail because of it.

The first assault was caught on security camera. In the second attack, the victim was well enough even after the attacker punched her from behind that she was able to snap a picture with her phone of her assailant.

“We believe based on the photo that you have made available online that this is the same person,” SEPTA representative Jerri Williams told Philadelphia Magazine last week. “We had officers and detectives out looking, and they found somebody fitting the description sitting at Broad and Ontario on street level around 1 p.m.”

No word yet if the suspect questioned was arrested or charged.

Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter was joined by other city leaders Monday evening to speak on stopping the knockout game from spreading to the city.

Videos from cities around the country show people being punched and beaten at random.

“This is not a game. You can seriously injure or possibly kill someone. Your child’s life will be dramatically changed, and probably yours as well as a parent. So let’s cut out the nonsense. There are many other things that people can do to enjoy themselves. This is not one of them,” Nutter said.

Nutter added that anyone caught taking part in the knockout game would face charges ranging from aggravated assault up to third degree murder.

Security footage of the Nov. 15 failed “knockout game” assault can be seen below.

Sources: The Daily Caller, CBS Philly, Philadelphia Magazine


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