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'I Was Shocked': Substitute Teacher Fired Over Abortion Joke (Video)

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A substitute teacher in Kyle, Texas, was fired after making a joke about abortion to a student (video below).

A student was in seventh period class on Feb. 19 when she found a balloon in a cupboard and blew it up, KXAN reports. She then proceeded to put the balloon under her shirt and pretend to be pregnant.

The male substitute teacher then got involved in the joke, making what the school called an unacceptable "lack of judgement."

"The substitute came after me with a large pair of scissors and was yelling at me saying, ‘Time for an abortion,'” the Lehman High School student told KXAN. "I was shocked, I was terrified and could not say anything. I felt like I couldn’t breathe for a minute.”

The girl's mother subsequently learned of the joke and took matters into her own hands.

"Look, I’m coming up there with the police, I want answers," the mother said.

The mother said she was outraged that a joke like that would be made in a school.

"When she called me upset, I was terrified I panicked," she said. "My kid goes to school think it’s safe and then you get a call saying a teacher is coming after you with scissors saying it’s time for an abortion.”

The school district later released a statement condemning the behavior of the teacher.

Here is the full statement, according to KEYE TV:

On Friday, February 19, 2016, an incident involving a substitute teacher occurred at Lehman High School. A student put a balloon under her shirt and said she was pregnant. The male substitute held up a pair of scissors and said that it was time for an abortion. Whether or not the gesture was intended as a joke is not relevant. The action shows a lack of judgment that is not acceptable in Hays CISD. He was terminated from employment with the district for inappropriate behavior.

All substitute teachers are required to complete classroom management and student supervision training prior to receiving any work assignments. This substitute had been employed with the district since November 2015.

Sources: KXAN, KEYE TV / Photo credit: KVUE, KXAN via YouTube

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