Facebook's Co-Founder Pledged $20 Million to Beat Trump

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz has pledged $20 million to Hillary Clinton's campaign and other pro-Democrat campaigns to defeat Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Moskovitz, who has a net worth of $10 billion, according to CNN, has never been involved with any political campaign before. However, a statement he wrote titled "Compelled to Act" on behalf of himself and his wife, Cari Tuna, shows why he felt he had to donate.

"The Republican Party, and Donald Trump in particular, is running on a zero-sum vision, stressing a false contest between their constituency and the rest of the world," he writes in a post. "We believe their positions, especially on immigration, which purport to improve the lives of Americans, would in practice hurt citizens and noncitizens alike."

Although Moskovitz says he does not support every aspect of Hillary Clinton's platform, he stresses that Trump simply cannot win and that his promises to his constituents are a "deliberate con."

The $20 million donation will make Moskovitz the third biggest donor of the election cycle, CNN reports. The money will be split among environmentalist movements, the Clinton campaign and "several nonpartisan voter registration and GOTV efforts," according to his post.

The Clinton campaign has raised $435 million, but Trump has only raised $160 million, reports Fortune.

The Democratic Party will most likely use the donation to focus on the campaigns of other Democrats running for seats in the Senate or Congress, according to CNN. The party is focusing a large part of its efforts on reclaiming the legislative branch and having a Democratic majority in all levels of government.

"For the first time, we are endorsing a candidate and donating," writes Moskovitz. "We hope these efforts make it a little more likely that Secretary Clinton is able to pursue the agenda she’s outlined, and serve as a signal to the Republican Party that by running this kind of campaign  --  one built on fear and hostility  -- and supporting this kind of candidate, they compel people to act in response."

Sources: CNN, Fortune, Dustin Moskovitz/Medium / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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