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Facebook Takes One Look At This Mother's Picture, Immediately Bans Her (Photo)

A mother is facing a possible lifetime ban from Facebook after posting a picture of her daughter at the beach.

Jill White, a photographer from Hickory, North Carolina, decided to recreate the famous “Coppertone girl” pose from 1953 with her daughter at the beach.

In the original Coppertone ad, a young girl’s bathing suit is being pulled down by a small dog, exposing her backside.

In White’s re-creation, her two-year-old daughter and her friend posed for the photo.  Her daughter’s bathing suit bottom is being pulled down by her female friend in the picture.

"I posted [the photo] on Coppertone's [Facebook page]," White told WBTV. "We thought it would be cute because of the old Coppertone ad and her tan line looked like that."

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Facebook did not find the posted picture to be cute, or appropriate, when it was reported to them.

White was given the option to delete the photo, change privacy setting, or ignore.

"Well I ignored it," White said. "No way did I think it would fit the criteria of nudity or pornography and if you read the terms of use in settings no where does it state that this would be considered either."

Facebook responded by banning White from the site for 24 hours. She was unable to post to her personal profile or the fan page she maintains for her photography company.

Facebook claims they can “remove content that violates our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. If we determine you've posted something that violates our terms, you may receive a warning or become disabled, depending on how severe the violation is."

When White gained access to her account again she posted an edited version of the photo.

"I got back on with another photo, this time a big Emoji face on the area of the butt crack," White said. "Now it is being reviewed again for nudity and pornography."

If Facebook finds the edited version of the photograph inappropriate, White could face a lifetime ban, reports NBC News.

White holds true to her belief that neither of the photos she posted could be viewed as pornographic.

"I despise pornography and anything to do with it," White said. "I would never ever post a pornographic photo. I am anti-porn."

Facebook officials claim the original photograph was not removed because it was considered pornographic. It was removed because it showed her daughter’s nude bottom—a violation of Facebook’s policy.


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