Facebook Study: Holiday Season is Also Break-Up Season


As you gear up for the holiday season, you should also be prepared to get dumped by your significant other -- a new study says it happens now more than any other time.  

A graphic designer and author named David McCandless analyzed more than 10,000 break-ups, based on changes in Facebook status over the course of a year. He came up with this sad break-up graphic. 

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The data says you are most likely to be dumped between November 1 and Christmas Eve. You're in luck if you make it that far -- Christmas Day is the day you are least likely to get the boot, and them you're good until Spring Break, when the numbers spike again. I'm dumping the boyfriend and hitting South Padre Island!

Monday is also a bad day -- most status changes occur on that day, perhaps because of many wild weekend hookups with others.

The study does have flaws, however. Many people to do not change their relationship status immediately after a break-up, which could skew the numbers. However, 10,000 is a pretty good size sample, so you should be on your toes (and your best behavior) over the next couple of months.

Good luck.


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