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Facebook Reunites Father And Daughter After 20 Years of Separation

Thanks to Facebook, a father now has another opportunity to get to know his daughter and her family, 20 years later.

Michael Hatton from Armona, California, hadn't seen his daughter since she was an infant. Adopted as a baby, this temporary living arrangement ended up turning into a permanent situation.

"It was supposed to be temporary but it ended up not working out that way," Hatton admitted.

Named Krystin Danielle, Hatton only had a few memories and pictures of his baby girl.

This summer, however, he received a phone call from his daughter, who now lives in Oklahoma. "I was happy," Hatton said. "I had tears in my eyes, I was all happy."

Now named Danielle Cossey, the 20-year-old managed to find her biological father through Facebook. She posted a picture of her biological mother online, and after a mere two hours, she connected with a sister she had never met and an uncle. Later, she found her father.

"It was a mixed feelings kind of thing," Cossey told ABC 7 News. "I have waited for this moment for so long, I've always wondered and all I could do is cry, I was just happy."

The death of Cossey's brother, who had also been adopted, sparked her desire to search for her biological parents. "I always wondered about my mom but I never had a way to find them, until I found my brother's birth certificate," she told ABC 7 News.

Cossey has yet to reach her mother, but Hatton hopes all three of them can get together soon. As Cossey now has a young son, the 20-year-old believes her family can make up for lost time and make new memories together.

Several families have been able to reunite due to Facebook's wide reach. Earlier this year, a 23-year-old woman from the U.K. posted a picture on the social network, urging anyone to come forth with information about her biological mother. Her post was shared over 100,000 times before a relative contacted her and arranged for the two to meet.

Sources: Fox 8 News, ABC 7 News, Metro UK News / Photo credit: ABC 7 News


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