Facebook Is Reportedly Deleting Medical Marijuana Pages


Facebook has reportedly taken down pages run by medical marijuana dispensaries from its site.  As of Feb. 4, three dispensaries in New Jersey and several others across the U.S. had their Facebook pages removed by the site.

Users of medical marijuana expressed their outrage at Facebook’s targeting of dispensaries’ profiles, reports NewJersey.com.

“It seems high-handed to simply shut down important resources for sick patients without even saying why or giving organizations a way to ask for reconsideration.  What better use of a social media than having sites where parents of sick children can ask questions about medication and treatments?” said Peter Rosenfeld, a medical marijuana user in New Jersey.

The Breakwater Wellness and Treatment Center and Compassionate Sciences Alternative Treatment Center in New Jersey said that their organizations’ Facebook pages were disabled on Feb. 2.

Facebook’s “Community Terms and Standards” does not permit advertisements of prescription, illegal or recreational drugs. 

C.E.O. of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana of New Jersey Ken Wolski criticized Facebook’s removal of the marijuana sites in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor. 

“It’s just not right for Facebook to do this.  It’s entirely inappropriate. It’s not illegal drug use, marijuana is medicine in New Jersey. The state has the responsibility to decide what is medicine and what is not, the Supreme Court has agreed to that,” Wolski said in an interview.

While federal law still prohibits the use of marijuana, the Obama administration has stated that it will not prosecute use of the drug that is permitted by state law. 

Wolski claimed that Facebook and social media pages are particularly important for medical marijuana patients and vendors.

“If you can’t ask your doctor if a certain strain will help you more than another, one way you can get this information is from the dispensary’s Facebook page where other patients like you can talk about which strains work best for them.”

Medical marijuana use is currently legal in the District of Columbia and 23 U.S. States.  More than 5,650 patients legally use marijuana in New Jersey. 

Sources: The Christian Science Monitor, New Jersey.com / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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