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Facebook Removes Pictures Of Veteran Triple Amputee’s ‘Offensive’ Stump (Photo)

A war veteran who lost both legs and an arm while serving in Afghanistan in 2009 says Facebook removed a picture of one of his stumps, calling it “offensive.”

Former Corporal Andy Reid, 37, posted a photo of his stump with the caption “hard work on the legs today.”

Facebook’s “community standards” team later removed the photo after a user allegedly complained.

Reid called the move “harsh and narrow-minded.”

“It's just a picture of my leg at the end of the day. What's offensive about it?” he told The Sun.

Meanwhile the social media site hasn’t banned violent images and videos, including beheadings, the Daily Mail reported.

“This is nowhere near as offensive as some of the pictures spreading from Islamic State fighters,” Reid said. “What's the difference between me without my leg on and pictures of what's going in Gaza?”

Facebook republished the image after it was contacted by The Sun.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun

Image screenshot: YouTube


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