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Facebook Rant About Heart Attack Victim Ruining Woman's Dining Experience Goes Viral, Gets Her Fired


A hairstylist who posted a rant on Facebook about her New Year’s Eve celebration being “ruined” by a woman having a heart attack has lost her spot at the salon where she worked.

Holly Jones went online to bash the employees at Kilroy’s Bar N’ Grill in Indianapolis after the staff told her “someone dying was more important than us.”

In the original post, Jones said: 

“I will never go back to this location for New Year’s Eve!! After the way we were treated when we spent $700+ and having our meal ruined by watching a dead person being wheeled out from the overdose my night has been ruined!!!. 

"Every year we have come to Kilroys to enjoy New Years Eve and tonight we were screamed at and had the manager walk away from us while we were trying to figure out our bill being messed up. 

"The manager also told us someone dying was more important than us being there making us feel like our business didn’t matter, but I guess allowing a Junkie in the building to overdose on your property is more important than paying customers who are spending a lot of money.

"Our waitress when we were trying to ask about our bill being messed up also said: ‘what do you want me to do f****** pay your bill for you?’

"What a great way to talk to a paying customer!!! I get that working on New Years Eve is stressful but being a complete b---- to us all night knowing you get an automatic gratuity is not right.”

The woman having the heart attack, who is thought to be 57, had to be treated on the bar floor by paramedics and is recuperating at IU Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, reports Daily Mail.

Managing Partner of the restaurant, Chris Burton, told Daily Mail the woman was in bad condition for a while and said Jones’ response on Facebook was “disgusting.”

In response, Burton said:

“We love getting feedback, whether it be positive or negative.

“I especially like feedback like this so others can see the disgusting people that we have to deal with sometimes. First of all, the ‘overdosing junkie’ that you speak of was a 70+ year old woman who had a heart attack. Thankfully she was finally revived at the hospital and survived. It sounds like you were very concerned about her so I thought you should know. But I can completely understand your bill should take priority over a human life.

“I especially appreciated you making your server (who doesn’t curse) cry as well. I’m sure she really enjoyed working on New Year’s Eve just to deal with people such as yourself.”

Burton says the bar has received thousands of encouraging messages online, with some people saying they plan to go to the bar for a drink.

The managing partner added the bar had to call in police to ensure Jones’ party paid its bill. Burton also said someone had purposely over-tipped the staff due to Jones’ actions.

Serenity Salon, which rented a booth to Jones and hired her as a contract employee, wrote a statement on Facebook about the situation on Jan. 3, due to a large number of users bombarding the salon's page demanding her termination. 

The salon donated $500 towards the woman’s medical bills through her GoFundMe page.

Christi Everett, the salon’s owner, told the IndyStar the salon gave the money to the woman to bring attention to the real victim.

The salon also posted a statement on Facebook before Jones’ termination regarding the situation:

“Serenity Salon is aware of the most recent negative publicity surrounding one of our Booth Rent Stylists. The posting to Kilroy’s Facebook page, allegedly by one of our Booth Rent Stylists, in no way represents the views of Serenity Salon or any of our staff. We are saddened by the events that took place that evening and will continue to pray for the woman who suffered a heart attack at this establishment on New Year’s Eve. This was not a company event and no other persons from Serenity Salon were present.”

Although Jones has apparently deleted her Facebook account, she is now claiming through friends comments on the restaurant’s Facebook page that her account was “hacked” and she was not responsible for her rant. 

She has also reportedly asked acquaintances to report the post so it’s completely taken down and says she received death threats, reports Daily Mail. 

The daughter of the heart attack victim, Tohnna Wymer, was initially seeking to raise $2,000 to help pay for medical bills through crowd-funding, but since the story went viral, more than $14,000 had been donated for Wymer’s mother by Jan. 7.

Sources: Daily Mail,Serenity Salon/FacebookIndyStar / Photo credit: GoFundMe

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