Facebook Post Saves Woman Held Captive By Ex-Boyfriend For Six Months


A Minnesota woman was rescued after being held for six months against her will when she was finally able to sneak into a public library and make a plea for help on Facebook.

Sheena Herschbach, 26, said her ex-boyfriend had been holding her at a Mesquite, Nev., motel against her will.

Herschbach told the Las Vegas Review Journal that her ex-boyfriend, Jason Greniger, believed she was going to buy beer when she snuck into the library.

“He finally pushed me for the last time,” said Herschbach. “I just said the heck with it. I went to the library, went online and talked to my sister.”

Her barely legible Facebook post read: “I just whant to let every one know im sarry I whant to come home but he wont let me yes Jason don’t knoe im online im in mesquet novata at the mv motel.”

Police later arrived at the hotel and arrested 34-year-old Greniger for felony second-degree kidnapping.

“Officers discovered the female victim had an active protection order against Greniger,” Mesquite Police reported. “The investigation determined the victim was being illegally detained by Greniger for the last six months, perpetrated through threats of death and physical violence towards her and her family.”

“He thought we were together,” she told the Review Journal. “If I said anything, he threatened to hurt me, so I didn’t for a long time.”

When Herschbach was freed she learned her mother had died in December.

“I was already stressed out. I then come to find out my mom passed away a month ago and it just put me down more. I wish I would have never listened to him to beg me to come back,” she said.

Herschbach and Greniger have three children, all in permanent foster cast after Greniger pleaded guilty to physcically abusing them.

Sources: Las Vegas Review Journal, TheBlaze


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