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Facebook Photo: White Man Celebrating Killing Black Boy?

Police in South Africa are looking for the person who posted a photo on Facebook that -- if real** -- is quite disturbing to say the least. The picture shows a white man holding a rifle and appearing to pose over the dead body of a black boy.

The South African newspaper the Sunday Times reports that it notified police of the photo, and cops have launched a full investigation.

The photo was posted in June 2010 by a man who calls himself "Eugene Terrorblanche," which the newspaper reports is a play on the name of the man who founded a far right group called "Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging." He was murdered last year. The newspaper did not specify why the photo came to light more than a year after it was posted. 

There is a chance the photo is a fake but, even still, the person who posted it could face criminal charges. And if it's real, then that person and anyone else involved would face much more serious charges.

"If, indeed, it reflects a real incident, those responsible must be severely punished," said Minister of Police spokesman Zweli Mnisi.

The fact that the man with the gun is white and the boy is black only adds to the "disgust" of one activist.

"This hate image incites racism that almost all South Africans have fought so hard to eradicate," said Miranda Jordan, the director of Women & Men Against Child Abuse.

Police are hoping that someone recognizes the man and comes forward with his name. If the photo is doctored, there is a chance the man is a victim as well -- his picture used in such a fashion with his knowledge.

Either way, many in South Africa are appalled.

"As you would probably expect, there are many South Africans who will feel deeply offended by this," said police spokesman Colonel McIntosh Polela. "No words can describe the disgust I'm feeling."

**UPDATE: According to the website Newser, the photo is real -- but a staged event. It was taken four years ago, investigated then and found to be a "joke." The white man apparently had the boy play along for a gag picture. However, officials are interested in talking to the Facebook user who recently posted the photo.


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