Facebook Murderer's Last Words Before Shooting Himself

The man who police say killed an elderly man and streamed it on Facebook Live reportedly uttered his final words in a McDonald's drive-thru before killing himself during a police car chase on April 18.

Steve Stephens' white Ford Fusion entered a drive-thru near Erie, Pennsylvania, just after 11 a.m. that morning, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams confirmed at a press conference, according to the Daily Mail. An employee recognized the suspect, and the store notified police while the man waited on his order of chicken nuggets and French fries. Once the employees in the back had police on the phone, the attendant at the drive-thru window told Stephens that his fries were still cooking, attempting to delay the suspect while officers rushed to the scene.

"I can't wait!" Stephens reportedly yelled in response, according to the Daily Mail. "I need my McNuggets!"

He then sped into the street as police vehicles approached, chasing his car before cornering it at around 11:10 a.m. in front of an elementary school. At this point, Stephens shot himself in the head with a pistol before officers were able to approach him.

"We have closure in regards to the search for Steve Stephens," Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said during an April 18 press conference, according to WLTX.

Cleveland police had a warrant out for Stephens' arrest, on charges of aggravated murder, for which there was a $50,000 reward for those with information that led to his capture, after he allegedly fatally shot 74-year-old Robert Godwin on video on April 16 and confessed on a live stream to killing him and more than a dozen others, although officers have confirmed that only Godwin had been murdered. Stephens' account has since been taken down.

"This started with one tragedy and ended with another person ending their life," Williams said at a press conference, notes the Daily Mail. "We would like to have brought Stephens in peacefully and talked to him about why this happened."

Stephens did not have a criminal record and formerly worked with teenagers and seniors, but confessed that he "snapped" because of a breakup with longtime girlfriend Joy Lane.

"We had been in a relationship for several years," Lane confirmed in a text message to CBS, according to the Daily Mail. "I am sorry that all of this has happened."

Sources: Daily Mail, WLTX / Photo Credit: JETmag.com

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