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Second Grade Teacher Busted For Heroin Use (Photo)

A second-grade teacher in Oklahoma was arrested after leaving an incriminating Facebook message up on a school computer.

Megan Sloan, 27, was arrested May 2 at Holmes Park Elementary school on drug and embezzlement charges. Police say they were called to the school by the superintendent after another teacher found Sloan's Facebook account open on the computer she uses at school.

On the screen was a conversation Sloan had been having in which she discussed using and selling heroin. She also talked about pawning school property.

When questioned by police, she reportedly admitted to stealing two iPads that belonged to the school as well as using money from field trips to buy gas and drugs, according to KOKI.

A search of her purse turned up dozens of syringes that contained various types of drugs, including methamphetamine, black tar heroin and a controlled substance called Suboxone.

"Multiple, I would guess maybe 40 syringes, some empty, some still had liquid in them, some still had needles, some did not," Lt. Philip Diehl of the Sapulpa Police told KOTV.

"She says her kids have never had access to her purse," Diehl added. "This particular morning the purse was left in the classroom, because as soon as she arrived at work she was called down to the office, and so she set her purse down and left."

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Sloan, who had been teaching with Sapulpa Public Schools for two years, reportedly told authorities that she first became hooked on prescription pain killers, which led to her using heroin.

She is being held at Creek County Jail on a $41,000 bond. KOTV reports that the charges against her are likely to include three counts of possessing or purchasing controlled drugs within 1,000 feet of a school or in the presence of a child under 12, possession of drug paraphernalia, and embezzlement.

Sapulpa Public Schools Superintendent Rob Armstrong released the following statement in response to Sloan's arrest:

Let me take a moment to express my heartfelt sadness for the events that have transpired this week.  We are working tirelessly to investigate several serious allegations. While talking with many individuals, and small groups of people during the last 72 hours we wanted to take the time to send a general message to our entire community. Oklahoma Statutes prohibit a public body from releasing and/or discussing internal personnel investigations, including demotion, discipline, or resignations.  

We take the safety of our children very serious.  We are all parents, grandparents, and neighbors.  As a matter of standard practice, we will review our current policies and procedures to ensure best available practices are being followed.  

Please contact your school principal, or district administrators if you ever have information that we need to know about.  Together we will continue to make this a school district to be proud of. 

Sources: KOKI, KOTV / Photo credit: Debora Cartagena/Pixnio, Creek County Jail via New York Daily News

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