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Facebook Helps Teen Victim Track Down Mugger Shermya Pyatt

A young woman was sentenced to 22 months of detention after being tracked down on Facebook for a crime she committed against a 14-year-old boy last year.

The teenage boy from Leicester, England, was head-butted and his bike taken away during the crime in 2012. He and his friends heard the mugger’s accomplice refer to her as “Shermya” and that information led them to being able to track Shermya Pyatt down on Facebook.

Judge Simon Hammond said the boy and his friends were "seriously smart" to use the social networking site to identify the culprit, before passing the information on to the police.

Pyatt admitted to robbing the boy in September.

"The defendant got on the bike and the victim took hold of the handlebars, trying to stop her," Lynsey Knott, who was prosecuting the case, said. "She head-butted him on his nose and left cheek area, causing him to let go and she rode away. The complainant was in immediate pain and it really hurt him."

Pyatt already had an extensive criminal background, which included three assaults in 2006, as well as carrying an imitation firearm around a shopping center and shoplifting in 2010.

"People are entitled to go about their lives without people robbing them, Judge Hammond said. "The bike was probably the victim's most treasured possession. He never got it back. This defendant is a street bully. There's a nasty, violent streak in her."

Sources: Leicester Mercury, MSN


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