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Face-Down Dummy Halloween Decoration At Detroit Home Prompting 911 Calls

The placement of a dummy as part of Halloween decorations by a Detroit, Michigan, woman on her front lawn has prompted repeat visits from police.

LaRethia Haddon told The Detroit News that the placement of a realistic-looking dummy face-down in her front yard is a Halloween tradition. Her husband's birthday falls on Halloween and they enjoy the fun it brings.

This year, it is causing alarm in the neighborhood and police have been called out to her home to investigate the dummy multiple times.

The last call to police, occurring earlier this week, reported a man down. When officers arrived at Haddon’s home, they discovered, as with the previous calls, it was merely her dummy.

“We received one call each about the dummy on the sixth, seventh and eighth,” Detroit Police Officer Jennifer Moreno said. “But as of Friday, the only call we received to Mendota was to check on the welfare of a 99-year-old woman.”

The current events surrounding her dummy are nothing new to Haddon, as it happens everywhere she lives.

“I used to live in Redford Township, and oh God — the police department, fire department, they would come out every day,” Haddon said. “Everywhere I’ve ever lived, it’s always been this way. But this year, for some reason, it’s getting a lot of attention.”

The dummy is placed face-down in a different spot on Haddon’s lawn each morning. She watches the reactions from passers-by as she drinks her coffee.

Multiple people have performed CPR on the dummy, and “once they find out it’s a dummy, it’s so hilarious,” Haddon said.

Haddon is not trying to offend anyone with her choice of Halloween decoration.

“I’m trying to bring laughter to Detroit,” Haddon said. “We really need it.”

Kendrick Hardaway, Haddon’s son, finds people enjoy his mother’s dummy prank.

“It puts a smile on a lot [of] people’s faces,” Hardaway said. “People get a kick out it.”

Hardaway took to Facebook to share with others the response his mother’s dummy is causing — and to show how much he loves her.

“So, every year around Halloween my mom makes a dummy as part of her Halloween decor and sets it somewhere outside of her house,” Hardaway wrote. "This year, the EMS and Police keep coming by each day to pick up the dead body!! HAAAAAAAAAA!! #ILoveMyMom.” 

Some people have liked the dummy so much that it went missing the past two years, prompting the need for Haddon to bring it inside at night.

“If you don’t bring him in at night, he won’t be there in the morning,” Haddon said. “I learned my lesson. That’s terrible I have to bring him in at night. But on Halloween, he stays out all night. I just keep my door open until we go to bed.”

Officer Shanelle Williams would prefer the dummy look more obviously fake.

“It would be great if they could put something along the lines of it being a display to alert to the citizens in the community so it doesn’t arise unnecessary concern,” Williams said. “If we get a call, we are still responding. We can’t take the chance.”

Sources: The Detroit News, Kendrick Hardaway/Facebook / Photo credit: Kendrick Hardaway/Facebook


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