Fabian's Law in AZ: Vicious Dog Attack Law Needs Support


In 2010, in Maricopa County AZ, alone, there were 900 dog-on-dog attacks reported.Fabian’s Law (aka “Vicious Dog Owner Responsibility Act”) is not breed specific and would providecivil remedies for owners who often watch their pet die in a brutal, unprovoked attack and are left with veterinary and other bills and a broken heart.

Fabian, a beloved miniature poodle owned by Sally and Richard Andrade, was killed by a neighbor’s pit bull in Glendale, AZ, while on his owner’s leash and in his own driveway.

“We had a total of $5,300 in bills,” Richard states, “Sally and I decided that, although we would never be reimbursed for our expenses, we would work for a law to address dog-on-dog attacks in AZ and then in other states that do not have this protection. Many owners are left with huge veterinary bills, an injured or dead pet, and grief that will haunt them for years.”  http://www.opposingviews.com/i/az-fabian%E2%80%99s-law-justice-for-poodl...

Fabian’s Law needs immediate public support in the AZ legislature. Can we let it die?

“On March 10, 2011, S.B 1534 (Fabian's Law) passed unanimously (30-0) in the AZ Senate. It is now headed back to the House Committee for final revisions. SB 1534 has been assigned to the Government and Judiciary Committees in the House, but it is not on the agendas for this week.

“It is CRITICAL that it receives a hearing in those committees if it is going to get through the process this Session.

Please contact Representative Judy Burges at 602-926-5861, Chair of the GOV Committee (jburges@azleg.gov) , AND Representative Eddie Farnsworth at 602-926-5735 (efarnsworth@azleg.gov), Chair of the JUD Committee. Ask them to PLEASE put SB 1534 on their agendas. This week, (ending March 25, 2011) is the last week for hearing Senate Bills in the House.” (www.FabiansLaw.com:

The text of SB 1534 (Aggressive dogs; vicious animal assault) can be read at:  http://e-lobbyist.com/gaits/text/206277


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