FAA to Relax Ban on Electronic Devices During Landing and Takeoff


While one of the strictest rules on a flight is turning off electronic devices before takeoff and landing, the Federal Aviation Administration has announced that it plans to relax the ban.

It is expected that they will allow devices like cellphones, tablets and e-readers while the plane is at low altitudes, as well as during takeoff and landings. 

They recognize that consumers want freedom to use personal electronics on flights.

"That is why we tasked a government-industry group to examine the safety issues and the feasibility of changing the current restrictions. At the group's request, the FAA has granted a two-month extension to complete the additional work necessary for the safety assessment. We will wait for the group to finish its work before we determine next steps," they said.

Currently, people are prohibited from using all devices until a plane gets above 10,000 feet. But a recent study shows that one-third of fliers have accidentally left their devices on during a flight.

"As the consumer electronics industry has exploded," the report said, allowing electronics to remain on during low altitude "has become untenable."

While this seems to be good news for those who are strongly attached to their devices, travel expert George Hobica warns it might be disastrous.

"A plane full of passengers screaming can you hear me now over the roar of jet engines will not be pretty," he said. 

FAA's final report on the rule won't be complete until the end of September.

Sources: Fox, A Fare Watchdog


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