F-150 Saves The Day, Tows Stuck Semitrailer Through Snowy Streets Of Chicago (Video)


Someone unintentionally gave Ford an awesome free commercial on Feb. 1.

Over a foot of snow dumped down on Chicago over the weekend. As you’d expect, a snowstorm that significant left hundreds of motorists stranded on the city’s streets in their practically useless cars. Cue the F-150 truck plug.

One of these stuck motorists was the driver of a semitrailer. The driver probably assumed his rig would be stuck in the street for hours -- or maybe days -- until the snow cleared, but that wouldn’t be the case. All he needed was a little help from a friend with an F-150.

Video footage shows the F-150 slipping at first as it tries to budge the massive truck, but eventually its tires dig in and the tow begins. The driver of the semitrailer gives his rig some gas for good measure, but it’s clear the F-150 is the one doing the work.

Do you remember that Toyota commercial where the Tundra tows an airplane down the street? This is like that — but in real life. Here’s the video:

Sources: YouTube, The Blaze / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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