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Eyewitness To Shooting Of Texas Deputy Was Reportedly His Mistress

Many were stunned by the murder of Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth, who died after being shot at a gas station in Texas. The aftermath of his death has brought even more surprises. 

According to a disclosure related to the state’s prosecution of the alleged shooter, Shannon Miles, an eyewitness to the murder has come forward and she claims she had a 15-month romantic affair with Goforth prior to his death.

Goforth was a married father of two.

The release noted that the eyewitness, who has not been identified, also took a polygraph test and gave a statement to defense attorneys for Miles.

Stephen Allison, Goforth's brother-in-law, doesn’t believe Goforth was cheating. "It's (expletive),” he told KTRK.

Robert Partin, a family friend, echoed the sentiment. "I'm shocked by the question and by the allegation,” he said. "As his good friend, I adamantly believe that's a lie. There's nothing further from the truth. I will do everything in my power to keep his image from being tainted.”

Defense attorney Joel Androphy, who is not involved with the Goforth case, warned that the release may not paint the whole picture. "Even in a horrific crime like this people are suspicious of potential cover-ups,” he said. "And cover-ups sometimes cloud the investigations, and they cloud the real intent of what happened in this case."

There’s no known connection between Miles and the woman.

Sources: The State of Texas v. Shannon Miles, KTRK Image via KTRK


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