'An Eye For An Eye': Judge Orders Victim To Pepper Spray Attacker (Video)


A woman who pepper sprayed a man in the face at an Ohio restaurant got an unusual sentence this week when a judge ordered the victim to spray her in the face as she did him.

On Thursday, Painesville, Ohio, judge Michael Cicconetti informed Diamond Gaston that she could either get a 30-day jail sentence or be pepper sprayed in the face by her victim. Gaston had previously been caught on camera approaching the victim at a fast food restaurant where he worked and spraying him.

“He goes, 'I'd really like to use pepper spray,' and I said, 'No, no, we can't do that!” Cicconetti said. Instead, Cicconetti gave the victim a saline spray in order to give Gaston a scare.

“He's like 'Oh it's water,' and I'm like 'Oh OK, that's a relief,’” 20-year-old Gaston said. “Lesson learned,” she told the judge in court.

Watch the unusual punishment below.

Sources: ABC 30, YouTube

Photo Credit: youtube.com


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