Extreme Animal Activist Gary Yourofsky Says Meat Eaters Engage in Bestiality While Lecturing College Students


Gary Yourofsky, an extreme animal rights activist known for his outrageous views and lack of filter, has said a lot of crazy things over the years, and while it seemed that maybe he had calmed down a bit more recently, he’s now making headlines again.

Back in 2008, Yourofsky angered most people when he proudly stated, “Every woman ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever. While every man entrenched in fur should suffer an anal raping so horrific that they become disemboweled.”

Yes, he actually said that. Recently, he has been making visits to college campuses across the country to try and influence young adults to join his cause. A student at Eastern Michigan University was able to record some pretty horrific things he said during a lecture there, and thankfully, The Blaze provides us with a list of some highlights.

• “Is bestiality weird to you? Doing sexual things with animals? Because I used to think everybody thought so, but not even close, my meat, cheese, and [inaudible] egg-loving friends, because you engage in carnivorous bestiality on a daily basis.”

• “You pay somebody else to sexually molest a cow and squeeze their nipples for you? Okay, you guys are f**king obsessed with hen a**es and cow t**s.”

• “Once a year, every cow on every dairy farm is raped to impregnate her, a long steel device shoved in her vagina.”

• “One day after seeing animals backstage at a circus, chained up and caged up, I not only realized that I was witnessing a slave ship, I realized I was a hypocrite, a bigot, a species-ist. Like a racist who believes that their race is more important and more special than all the other races, a species-ist believes that humans are more special and more important than all the animals, and therefore have the right to commodify, enslave, and kill any species they choose.”

• “Imagine yourself confined in a concentration camp truck, on your way to a slaughterhouse, so someone could slice your throat and cut you up into pieces; you would understand why the psychotic addictions of meat, cheese, milk and eggs must be abolished.”

According to the report from The Blaze, the sociology professor who arranged the lecture from Yourofsky may be fired from teaching at the college.

Yourofsky has apparently been classified as an “international terrorist” for his outrageous beliefs and has been banned from countries like Canada and Britain.


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