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Scott's Pizza Tours Hits Vegan Joints

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Everyone knows that the Big Apple can be a magical place to visit—especially during the holidays (although fur-wearers might disagree). 

And on December 20, it becomes exponentially more fun and delicious because the highly acclaimed Scott's Pizza Tours will feature its first-ever vegan pizza tour in honor of Scott's vegan brother, Jon, who'll be visiting from Los Angeles.

For just $35, vegan and vegan-curious pizza-loving tourists and locals can frolic on foot around the West Village for a few hours with Scott and Jon, making stops in four different pizzerias to sample the delicious vegan slices. Scott notes, "Whether you're from NYC or just visiting, this event is sure to fill both your mind and your tummy without any animal products."

Talk about a mouthwatering alternative to the old tourist traps (sorry, Carrie)! A pizza tour for lunch, perhaps followed by some artichoke-spinach noodles for dinner? Looks like this Brooklyn gal will be taking the L train into the city on the 20th.

Are you in? Better make your reservation now! Spaces are filling up quickly.

Written by Karin Bennett

P.S. Don't forget to order your vegetarian/vegan starter kit, if you haven't already. And be sure to check out Tofurky's new line of vegan pizzas.


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