Expert: Remains at Bottom of Ocean Not Natalie Holloway


An expert who has looked at the photos of what could be a skeleton at the bottom of the ocean off of Aruba says it is not the remains of Natalie Holloway.

"I do not believe that these photos represent a body," said Dr. Cyril Wecht told "I think it's a rock formation that certainly does present upon initial perception a suggestion of a human skeletal remains, but I do not believe that it is.

"If you look at what would have to be the head you see that it does not really fit," he added. "If it's a front view, then what would be orbital sockets are far too low. If it's a rear view, then that does not fit because there's a lower portion that would not fit in with the neck."

Wecht also said it's unlikely a skeleton could remain intact for such a long period of time.

The blurry photo of the ocean floor, snapped by Patti Muldowney of Rapho Township, Pa., last October as she snorkeled off the Aruban coast, shows the top half of what appears to be a skeletal shape. Muldowney and her husband do not know the precise location where the photo was taken, but a local says he can find the site, reported.

Holloway disappeared without a trace during a graduation trip to the island in May 2005. Three young men arrested in connection with the case were released without being charged.


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