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Experiment Shows Kids Are Prone To Ignoring Gun Safety Education (Video)

An eye-opening experiment conducted by ABC news shows how relatively ineffective gun safety education can be for children.

The experiment selected a group of children who come from gun owning homes. The parents of the children insist they have thoroughly educated their children on gun safety. In addition to their home education, the children were shown the NRA’s child gun safety video. The video features the cartoon character “Eddie the Eagle” and tries to teach kids all the vital aspects of gun safety using songs and relatable examples.

The children are seen on camera with the songs from the NRA’s video memorized – seemingly indicating that the message stuck. Then, just for good measure, a police officer visited the children and gave them a lecture on gun safety. The message from both the NRA video and the police officer was the same: if you see a gun, don’t touch it. Leave the room immediately and tell an adult.

Then the testing began. Just day after the children’s safety lessons, researchers placed two real, unloaded guns in the classroom. The results are chilling.

Rather than not touching the guns and reporting them to an adult, the children were seen touching, holding, and pointing the guns around after discovering them. One student is seen looking down the barrel as he holds it and jokingly says “I’m touching it, I’m touching it.”

As the video notes, a child is injured by a firearm every hour in the United States.

Here is video footage of the experiment:

Source: ABC News


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