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Experiment: Kids Left Alone In Room With Gun (Video)

A TV station in San Antonio, Texas, recently placed eight pre-school and kindergarten-age children in a room with toys and an unloaded gun to see what the kids would do (video below).

As the kids went into the room, their mothers watched them on hidden cameras from a control room, notes News 4 San Antonio.

In only 15 seconds, a boy named Dominik picked up the gun and walked around with it.

Dominik put the gun back down on a table where he found it, and another little boy grabbed the firearm and pointed it at several children.

"He's shooting my daughter," one mom said. "He's pointing it at her."

Other children picked up the gun as well.

"We haven't had that conversation and he was the first one to go and pick it up," Dominik's mother stated. "I'm scared, that was scary for me."

Dominik's mother predicted he would not pick up the gun, while another mom predicted her son would "absolutely" pick up the gun because they had talked about guns at home, but he did not.

NBC News reported in December 2015 that statistics from the Gun Violence Archive showed there had been about one child gun death every two days in the U.S. since the Sandy Hook School mass shooting on Dec. 20, 2014.

The gun deaths of 555 children were a mix of intentional and accidental, according to the news network's analysis.

According to the report, the actual number of child gun deaths is probably higher as the media does not report every incident.

Sources: News 4 San Antonio, NBC News / Photo credit: News 4 San Antonio via YouTube

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