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Expelled Student Sues Vassar Claiming Another Student Made a False Rape Claim Against Him

A Vassar College student, who was allegedly expelled after a fellow member of the rowing team accused him of rape, is now suing the school and claiming the accusation was false, Erin Calabrese and Bruce Golding of the New York Post reported.

Xiaolu “Peter” Yu claims he lost his virginity engaging in “clearly consensual sexual activity” with another student, Mary Claire Walker, in 2012. A year after the one-night stand, Walker accused him of rape.

Yu, a student from China, said Walker, whose father is a longtime geology professor at the college, knew it was his first time when they hooked up after a rowing team party on Feb. 18, 2012.

According to his suit, filed in Manhattan federal court, Walker told him “it’s okay, I know what to do.”

The claim states that Walker put a condom on Yu and they had sex until his roommate showed up. It states that after that she “began to lament about her ex-boyfriend and stated that she was not ready to jump into ‘anything new.’”

It also says she acknowledged taking his virginity before she dressed and left Yu’s dormitory.

Yu claims all students at the once female-only college in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., are “invariably found guilty” if they are accused of rape.

“Our student-conduct policies and procedures are closely reviewed by our attorneys, so they have strong legal grounding, and they’re also designed to consider the rights of all parties in matters like these,” spokesman Jeff Kosmacher told The Post.

The suit seeks unspecified damages for gender discrimination, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Yu said he later learned that the night he slept with Walker, two other girls on the rowing team attempted to contact campus security when they saw him walking to his dorm with Walker, “who appeared to be drunk.”

Kosmacher would not comment on Yu’s case, stating “all student-conduct matter at Vassar are confidential.”

Source: NY Post


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