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Expanded NC Gun Bill Will Allow Gun Owners to Carry Firearms in More Locations

North Carolina legislators have approved a bill that greatly expands the number of locations where gun owners can carry a firearm. The bill would allow concealed carry permit holders to bring firearms into bars, restaurants, and other places where alcohol is served unless the business owner expressly forbids it.

The bill would also allow guns in playgrounds, greenways, parks, and other public recreation areas. Further, universities will not be able to ban firearms that are stored in cars on public campus.

The bill also expands gun rights dropping the requirement of getting a sheriff-issued permit before being allowed to purchase a handgun.

Overall, this is an incredibly comprehensive gun rights bill that expands rights in nearly all categories. If Republican Governor Pat McCory signs the bill into law, this bill would be one of the biggest pro-gun bills passed this year. McCory has a strong history of promoting gun rights and enjoys a 92% rating from the National Rifle Association, so it is probable that McCory will give the bill his John Hancock.

Gun rights supporters have plenty to celebrate, but university officials and business owners might not be thrilled about the law. Universities have historically promoted gun-free campuses and business owners might be forced with a difficult decision: let guns in against personal preference or post a sign expressly forbidding guns and potentially lose customers.

As with many pro-gun pieces of legislation, a victory for gun rights often necessitates a problem for business owners and private property rights.

What do you think about the bill? Would you welcome a similar bill in your home state? Do you think that Gov. McCory should give it a veto? 

Source: Huffington Post


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