Excited Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (Video)

In a touching new viral video, Finn the Ragdoll cat can be seen greeting his owner, a soldier returning home from deployment.

Finn can initially be seen anxiously pacing around the room and meowing in the video. At one point, he sticks his nose in the crack between the door and the wall, then claws at it.

As his owner, Nick, enters through the door dressed in military gear, Finn looks up expectantly. Nick opens his arms, and the cat jumps up into them.

“What’s going on, buddy?” Nick says. “It’s me.”

The two cuddle, and Nick scratches Finn’s neck as the cat purrs.

“That’s a good homecoming,” the woman filming says.

A Siamese cat called Boo watches the reunited soldier and cat from the sidelines, but appears less affectionate.

Commenters have noted Finn’s unusually friendly personality, joking that he’s more of a meowing dog.

To date, the video has accumulated 2.8 million views.

Sources: DailyMail, Fox News


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