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Excessive Force: San Diego Man Tased, Tackled By Transit Police (Video)

Cell phone video out of San Diego, California shows Metropolitan Transit Officers tackling and tasing a seemingly innocent man.

The video was taken by Otay Mesa resident Krystal Delgado. She was watching the man, now identified as 30-year-old Christian Thompson, answer questions from the police when she could tell the situation was starting to escalate. That’s when she started recording on her phone.

"He was answering all of their questions," Delgado said. "He wasn't doing anything in any aggressive manner. He did have a dog with him but his dog was being super obedient."

Delgado says she then saw Thompson write down the officer’s name and badge number on a notepad. The officer grabbed Thompson’s wrist and the notepad went flying.

“The officer in front of him grabs his wrist and the notebook that's in his hand goes flying. When that first officer makes that motion, all of the other ones move in.”

Delgado can be heard on the video saying “Tasing an innocent man. They’re tasing an innocent man.”

At the same time Thompson repeatedly yells “Get off me.”

San Diego police officers arrived at the scene after another witness called and reported that the Transit officers were using excessive force against Thompson.

"We called police because of how much force was being used on this man," Delgado said.

A transit officer spoke to San Diego news outlet 10News and defended the officer’s actions. The officer says part of the officer’s duties is to remove people from the trolley area who are not there to ride the trolley, especially when they have been drinking, as Thompson was that night.

When police arrived, Thompson was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct with alcohol, and a failure to appear in court charge.

Here's Delgado's cell phone video of the incident:

Source: 10News


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