Woman Kills Man In Hit-And-Run, Tries To Hide Identity


A Santa Ana woman is suspected of killing a high school drumline instructor in a hit-and-run car crash.

Police have identified Tracy Clapp as the suspect in the case.

Clapp, 36, allegedly hit Chris Chavez, 26, who had the right of way while he was walking in a crosswalk. Clapp was driving her 5-series BMW when she ran a red light and struck Chavez, a drumline instructor at Saddleback High School. 

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According to Daily Mail, Clapp briefly got out of her car before getting back in and driving away. A witness took photos of her while she was out of her car.

The incident took place on April 20. Chavez was hospitalized and on April 29, he was officially declared brain-dead. 

When police tracked down Clapp, she had reportedly dyed her hair bright pink and added a temporary tattoo to her face, most likely in order to hide her identity.

"It is our belief that she did all of that to allude capture," Cpl. Matt Wharton told KABC.

When police found Clapp, she reportedly tried to flee on foot. However, officers quickly caught up to her and were allegedly assaulted.

Chris Chavez's father, Ralph Chavez, thanked the citizens who called in tips to help police track down Clapp.

"The tip that came in put this lady away - thank you guys very much. I hope that she can never be on the streets again to do this to anybody else," Ralph Chavez said. "I feel nothing for this lady right now...I've got a big battle. We're a broken family right now."

Ralph said that his son's spirit will live on in others as his organs have been donated following his death. He says Chris was a very giving person.

Chris' sister, Rachel Chavez, described her brother as a "kind-hearted soul" who would "give the shirt off his back."

Sources: KABCDaily Mail / Photo credit: Santa Ana Police Department via Daily Mail

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