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Woman Arrested For Pulling Gun From Genitals and Aiming It At Boyfriend After Argument About Aliens


Santa Fe is less than 200 miles away from Roswell, the New Mexico town infamous for its extraterrestrial conspiracy theories. It’s not unlikely to overhear individuals discussing the existence or non-existence of alien creatures in the surrounding area. For one Santa Fe couple, however, the age-old alien argument became incredibly serious. 

According to UPI, Santa Fe native Jennifer McCarthy allegedly pulled a handgun from her genital area and aimed it at her boyfriend, apparently upset about their earlier argument about aliens. She had allegedly been using the handgun as a sex toy prior to ceasing her sexual activity and pointing the Smith and Wesson handgun at the man.

McCarthy’s boyfriend claimed that he disarmed her and tossed the weapon in the toilet. When McCarthy attempted to retrieve the gun from the toilet, he brought it outside. It was eventually found by a local deputy in a trash can outdoors. 

During the argument, McCarthy allegedly repeatedly asked her boyfriend “Who is crazy, you or me?” as a reference to their alien argument. McCarthy's boyfriend claims he was fearful of the situation, claiming that her state of mind suggested that she was actually going to pull the trigger and shoot him. 

McCarthy is the most recent ex-wife writer Cormac McCarthy (“The Road,” “No Country For Old Men”). Jennifer is 48 years old and Cormac is 80. The former couple has one child together, according to the Daily Mail.

McCarthy was arrested for aggravated assault and held at Santa Fe County jail prior to being released on a $5,000 bail.


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