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Ex-Wife Sues Texas Man For Posting Suggestive Ad On Craigslist With Her Phone Number

A Texas woman is suing her ex-husband for allegedly posting an ad on Craigslist asking strangers to come to her home and take "advantage of her.”

The woman, identified in court papers only as Jane Doe, filed the suit in Tarrant County on Oct. 28, WFAA News reports. 

The suit claims Bobby Wayne Moore, 39, posted the ad in March 2014. It included the woman’s phone number and “a description that the female with such number wanted multiple strangers to come to her ‘home’ and take sexual 'advantage of her.’”

At the time, the woman was reportedly living with her two children, including Moore's daughter, who was in preschool. 

Police originally began investigating the matter in 2014, after Moore’s wife accused him of stalking and harassing her, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports. She reportedly left the marriage because Moore was abusive.

Moore was eventually arrested by Colleyville, Texas, police and charged with online harassment after posting the ad, WFAA reports.  

After a plea agreement with prosecutors in January he was placed on probation for three years and forced to pay a $300 fine. 

The lawsuit does not mention any stalking or acts of harassment having taken place in 2015, according to the Star-Telegram. 

But the suit does claim the woman suffered intense headaches and must continue to see a therapist because of Moore's harassment and abuse in 2014. 

The lawsuit further alleges that Moore’s ex-wife received numerous text messages as a result of the ad, some containing graphic or suggestive pictures, KTVT News reports. The ad also violated the woman’s privacy by revealing her cellphone number “through which the address of her private residence is easily discovered," according to the suit.

“The issues raised in this case are really important,” the woman’s attorney, Mark Allen, said in an email to the Star-Telegram. “My client's bravery and courage in bringing this lawsuit will hopefully serve to protect all women from this type of abuse.”

The woman is seeking $1 million in damages for pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical bills to pay for therapy and loss of earning potential as a result of the distress, according to WFAA. 

Sources: WFAA News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, KTVT News / Photo credit: Police photo via WFAA News


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