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Ex-Wife Of 7th Heaven Star Says He Worried If They Had A Son He’d Molest Him

According to 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins’ ex-wife, Collins was happy when she gave birth to their daughter because he wasn’t sure he could resist oral sex with a son.

Collins, who confessed to molesting young girls in a recorded marriage therapy session released Tuesday has since resigned from the Screen Actors Guild Board and was fired from his role in the film “Ted 2.”

"The comment you made just before I gave birth to our daughter when you said you hoped we didn't have a little boy, because 'you just didn't know if you could keep his little penis out of your mouth' was indication enough that you were sick ..." his ex-wife Faye Grant wrote in a 2013 email obtained by TMZ.

"I should have followed my gut then, and then again 14 years ago, and kicked your ass to the curb,” she added.

A source close to Collins reportedly told TMZ that allegations in the email are “absolutely untrue.”

In a November 2013 court declaration, Grant says Collins confessed to molesting one girl and exposing himself to two others during a therapy session in January 2012. Grant claims her ex-husband saw a "sexual dysfunction therapist" but never sought help for his “predilection towards children.”

"I am particularly afraid of what may happen if he does not seek treatment because he may be working or interacting with children in connection to his employment," she wrote in the court document.

"Obviously, I am sickened by Stephen's actions,” she added. “I have spent the past 20 months coping with the trauma of learning about Stephen's illness and worrying about my moral and legal responsibility."

She says she fears there are more victims.

"I further believe that there have been other victims, but he has thus far only confessed to those three girls," she wrote.

“If any leads come to us we will follow up on them,” a NYPD source told the Daily News. “If there are any further developments, we’ll look into them.”

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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore,


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